1. TRANSFORMATION - To provide an experience of deep transformation for the children’s spirit. Our humble mission is to impart love, discipline and strength to our children through our day to day interactions (prayer, meditation, discussion and thought, emotion, work and discipline, gratitude, conflict resolution, teamwork, health, nutrition, creativity and much more). The ripples go far beyond the children, to their families and into the communities. Many of our children from our previous tours have been inspired to become Karykartas, have gone on to University, and are truly showing fruits from the seeds of their in-depth involvement with Manav Sadhna.

2. INSPIRATION - To help develop global human capital. Since Manav Sadhna successfully completed their first EKTA show tour in 2002 and then EKATVA in 2012, over 3000 volunteers from all over the world have been inspired to come back to India to serve the underprivileged. The tour is a way to create sparks of compassion in the hearts of human beings which may lead them on a path to give back to the world.